I still have some catalogs from when I was a kid, which allows me to present to you a look at the retail authentic NFL jersey market in the years 1990-1994. I'm sorry some of the scans aren't perfect, as I took these to school, read them as I went to sleep, and ate my breakfast cereal flippng through the pages.

Authentics Price: $69.95
Notes: NFL was doing things a bit different in the early 90's, look at who was making authentics - Sand Knit, Russell, Champion. And check out the Cardinals, Steelers, Saints, Vikings and Packers jerseys - looks like they have "Designed and Taylored" tags along with their Sand Knit tags.

Authentics Price: $69.95, $74.95 for XXL50/52
Notes: You can now customize any name and number now for an additional $16.95. Looks like you could specify home and road jerseys for each team as well.

Authentics Price: $79.95, $84.95 for XXL50/52
Notes: NFL shields added this year below the neck.

Authentics Price: $84.99, $89.99 for XXL50/52
Notes: Kinda crazy to see the Giants wearing Apex.

Authentics Price: $89.99; then $99.99 for 75th Anniversary jerseys, $114.99 for Raiders, $129.99 for Steelers.
Notes: The first scan is what was available at the beginning of the 1994 season, note the Cowboys are now in Apex, when in 1993 you'd get a Russell when ordering a Cowboys jersey. I'm not sure why there was a delay, but the 75th Anniversary season jerseys were not available until the winter catalog, which was just about Christmas time...