All teams had a standard style jacket available every year, but sometimes, if you looked hard enough, you could find alternate versions of jackets. White seems to be the easiest alternate color to find, when you get lucky enough to find an alternate color jacket. Some of the more popular teams had more color selections, as I have seen the 49ers in gold, red, white, and black, the NY Giants in blue, red, white, (which would cost you more at retail than the blue version)and black, the Lakers in purple, black, or gold and the Celtics in black, white, and green.

Something not often sprung for, (the Starter jacket is status enough, isn't it?) was the extra "Team Name or Logo on Back". The expense for said coolness was an additional $25. It was available on all jackets, but to this day, you'll find them few and far between. There was one team that insisted all jackets come with "Team Name on Back", creating a jacket that was always at least $25 more expensive than any other team in all of sports-the San Francisco 49ers.

A scarcely seen piece, is the customized "name on back" version. Expensive proposition, and not many people would pony up the extra cash to customize. But they do exist, and they're sometimes stunning.

Also of extreme rarity is the "sponsored" Starter Jacket. Meister Brau teamed up with the Blazers on this one to make what was surely a delicious promotion.

One of the toughest versions of Starter jacket to track down, is the reversible. Two jackets in one, with one of those sides being a seldom seen variation. In other words, when you turn the jacket around to the non traditional side, you have something that could make your friend's jaw drop. So far, I've only been able to track these to the most popular teams in each league from that era.

As the life of the Pro Jacket dwindled, giving way to Starter's new jackets like the Dugout and the Jet in 1994, some teams making changes in the 1993/1994 time frame created very hard to find styles. For example, the updated Mariners style, and the updated Athletics jacket, which featured a white chenile team name across the front. The Twins and Cards also introduced road versions of their jackets in this time, also creating rare styles.

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