The 1993 World Series was a dark time for the Starter Pro Jacket. A new kid was in town, and its name was the Dugout Jacket. The first teams seeing action in the Dugout Jacket were the Phillies and the Blue Jays since they were the participants in the '93 fall classic.

The new features of this jacket was a shell made of oxford nylon for moisture repellancy (which made the jacket look dull, no more shine like the Pro), an MLB logo sewn on back near the neck, and a constrasting clowny arm that was a different color than the rest of the jacket. Contributing to the clowniness of the sleeve was a big oversized logo placed on it. The logo across the front stayed the same for some teams as it was on the pro jacket, while others had their logos miniaturized and placed on the right chest.

The Dugout Jacket you would purchase at retail was pretty much the same as what the teams wear. There was pretty much no variance on zippers, linings, etc., all had the same insides and materials with snap fronts. About the only difference (interesting side note here: the Indians sleeves were blank, were they sensitive to a big Chief Wahoo on the sleeve?) you will find is what teams would do to customize the jackets themselves (i.e. uniform numbers).

A less eye jarring jacket Starter produced using the new oxford nylon ws the Jet. The Jet was pretty much a Pro Jacket with a dull shell. The other pro leagues were available for purchase in the Jet, while the Dugout was MLB's disaster alone. I'm not sure why MLB had this jacket foisted upon them, as an MLB Jet jacket (if Starter really did want to push this new material) looked better (more of a classic look) than this. Ugh. There is evidence of teams opting for the Jet instead of the Dugout, but I need to do further research...