Here's a look at when retro baseball jerseys, or throwbacks, were in their infancy-we're going back to 1990/1991.

If you have one of these vintage beauties*, consider yourself lucky, and on the cutting edge*. You were one of the very first willing to shell out two bills for something your uninformed friends would likely call "that $200 baseball shirt! hahaha!"

In the large blown up pictures of the ads below, you'll see a mix of both tags being presented for sale. I believe the timeline on the jerseys pictured in the catalog pics below went like this: old style neck tag with no Cooperstown Collection tag on front are the oldest, old neck tag with Cooperstown tag sewn on front left near the bottom are the next oldest, and then the M&N tag we're all familiar with today (I know, they're hard to see in the scans, but for a reference point, the Cleveland Indians jersey has the newer style tag-its tag appears darker and redder than the others) in the neck with the Cooperstown tag on front are the most recent.

Click on the miniaturized versions of the ads below to open up the large blown up ads. Check out the prices, these were not cheap, especially in 1991 dollars. (Note: aside from obtaining directly from M&N themsleves, these are about the lowest typical retail non-sale-priced prices you'd find for these jerseys. In other words, these aren't inflated souveneir prices or anything, this is the typical retail pricing).

There is an Ebbetts Field Flannels jersey thrown in there, a Knights jersey from the movie The Natural. An Ebbetts Field Flannels essay is in the works, look for it in the near future.

*Photos by Scott Johnston